Pregnancy Competition??

Pretty P
I have a friend who's due date is the day before mine. We are both expecting baby girls in November. When we first met back in May we were very supportive of one another now, I feel like she's making our pregnancies a competition. It started when I told her that I didn't have very many stretch marks (maybe three on each side and very faint) she told me that the reason behind that is because black people have thicker skin and she has thin skin as she is very fair. I let that comment slide as anyone who knows anything about stretch marks is aware they can be hereditary or due to water intake and people of any complexion can get stretch marks. When it came time for her shower I helped her plan hers and even spent the night at her house to help her prepare the food and set up. When my shower came she allowed me to use her amenity center but didn't help as much. She made a backhanded comment when I thanked her that she helped me and I need to be helping her out. I've purchased items for her baby in bulk, helped her plan her shower after someone else promised to throw it and I watch her son during her ob/gyn and ultrasound appointments... what else does she want from me? She constantly asks me how much my baby weighs, so much that I've stopped telling her. At my shower, we played a game in which the guests guessed my baby's statistics, she was the only person to say that my child would be born SIX days after the due date. Her reasoning was that I miscarried my twins last fall at 17 weeks and my womb was stretched so the baby would have room to stay in there longer😒. I was really taken aback by that comment but I made a joke of it and said "and I thought we were friends.." Today she asked me if I thought I was going to go into labor first and I told her it's in God's hands. At this point I'm considering no longer accompanying her to her appointments and letting the friendship go. Do you feel I'm being too sensitive? Is this friendship worth salvaging? Should I talk to her about this or just let it go?