So ready to say bye to this doctor!

Lauren. • 28 years old. Happily married since 6/21/14. Loving being a mommy to my 2 amazing daughters!
Unfortunately, I have made two different moves during this pregnancy, so I've had to switch doctors and have seen three different ones. I'm so sad, because I liked my first doctor, LOVED my second one, and seriously dislike this doctor. It's petty, because she is competent, if I ask anything she answers and whatnot, but she is so far from personable. She doesn't feel approachable, she never greets me in a manner I got from my other two, and the office people are just not friendly or helpful. Today they asked if insurance changed, I said yes and gave them the card. Then, they told me they were not able to add insurance and i would have to do it myself after my appointment...what's the point of a front desk person at a doctors office if they can't even update your info? I'm just so ready to have my baby so I can search around and actually find an OB/GYN that I like. 
On the flip side...I'm thankful to have had a prompt appointment, and to know my baby is head down, foot in my ribs ( not like I didn't know the foot in the ribs thing still good to hear), her heart rate is in the 140s, and we both appear to be healthy. Only 40 more days till her estimated arrival date!!!