So many different emotions!

I am due on 10/27 but I am getting a scheduled c section 10/7. I suffer from IUGR so the baby as of 36weeks 1day the baby only weighed 3lbs 14oz. But they found he has something with his heart. The heart doctor said she can't be a 100% till he gets here but she thinks its one of two things. First will mean it is benign and he will need nothing done. The second he would need heart surgery by the time he turned three then he can do what ever he wants in life. Well we had to move hospitals because where we were scheduled didn't have a pediatric heart doctor there to do the echo before he leaves the hospital. Well I got the call to transfer my c section to a different doctor and stuff and they where saying we will have nicu stable him then take him straight to the nicu and let you know what is going on. I said well why we just tranfered as a precaution and so someone can do an echo on him. She said well if the heart doctor wants him this early he will need to be in the nicu. She didn't say she wanted us to go early we have been scheduled for this c section for three weeks because of the growth restriction she just told us she wants us there as a precaution. The nurse was like oh. I feel like they know something I don't. But I don't get to meet anyone till two hours before my c section or talk to them I'm happy they will have nicu in the room when I deliver but it scares the hell out of me. I have so many emotions going threw my mind. They also did genetic testing in the beginning since he was so small from 24 weeks they did a genmo test and it came back everything was negative. But now that he is coming I'm like did they miss something and now the last ultrasound before my c section they find a heart thing. I'm all like is he going to have to stay longer is he going to be healthy am I going to see him will I bond if they take him right away? These normal feelings or cause all this going on? I just needed some were to put my feelings thanks for reading this long post.