My mom made me feel a bad mom last night (even though i know i made the right choice)


So my baby is eight weeks, he is 12 pounds and 23 inches. He was sleeping in his rock and play next to my bed at night. He was getting to big for it and his neck was getting smooshed up, he coudnt move and would grunt trying to move. so I tried moving his bassinet that came with his play pen on to a table in my room but it has soft sides and squishes down if not hung on the playpen so it would be to small and unsafe for my LO.

Last night I put my little guy to bed in his crib in his own room (which is directly across the small hallway from my room) I have a monitor with video and would still check on him. My mom said I'm rushing things and he should be sleeping right next to me (I would let him sleep in my bed but daddy is to afraid and on the rare occasions its happened he moved the baby to his rock and play). She said she was going to worry about him all night. I explained it was the safest option I have. I still can hear him from my room I'm watching/listening to him breath on my baby monitor. I made sure nothing was in the crib with him. I did every safety precaution I could think of and she still went on how she never left me alone at night and blah blah blah. Pretty much made me feel like the most awful mom ever. But I didn't change my mom BC I know this is the safest option.

He ended up sleeping seven and a half hours! (The longest sleep he's ever had) I was still up every four BC that's what he would do any other night. He was perfectly fine. I love him with all my heart and would never purposely put him in danger that's why I felt like I had to put him in his crib last night.