Farewell to Glow... for now!

Jazmin • 24 years old - expecting baby number 1. Due date - 10th September 2017
Cycle day 48, no AF and no BFP. This has happened 3 times now during our 6-month journey TTC our first baby. Both 23 years old, I've had blood tests and an ultrasound to rule out cysts and hormone imbalances - but EACH time I overly stress and obsess about getting pregnant, my otherwise-regular periods elude me. I suffer from anxiety anyway and today my doctor has put me on the waiting list for CBT and given me self-help advice in the meantime. So me and Sam (boyfriend) are overhauling our diets and lifestyles, and hopefully deleting this app along with the former will give us our precious BFP. This came in the post tonight also - hopefully I'll be posting a BFP post before my 12-month mark! Baby dust to all of you