All around miracle baby

It's been over a month since I gave birth to my little miracle. It's been a roller coaster since then with figuring out breastfeeding, dealing with colic, acid reflux, having ultrasounds and X-rays, and hardly sleeping at all...BUT...I'm hoping that soon things will be on the uphill swing. What follows is long, but it's a 1 in 60,000 birth story...
Last December I woke up one day and kind of had a sore stomach. Not a stomach ache, just felt bruised. Hurt to walk, cough, sneeze, laugh. I thought maybe I overdid it with working out or something else dumb (I'm notorious for injuring myself in weird ways). I blew it off for a few days, but it started to get a little worse, and it was mainly on the right side. I have no idea what prompted me to do this, but I decided to take a pregnancy test. A few minutes later...holy was positive! I absolutely couldn't believe it. I had been on continuous birth control for 17 years due to severe ovarian cysts. I had only stopped taking it at the end of September when I got married because I figured it would take a long time to get pregnant. Boy was I ever wrong! I was beyond shocked. I made a dr appt for the next day but a huge snowstorm came in and caused the office to be closed, so I had to wait an extra day to see a dr to confirm what I was already pretty sure about. Went to the dr and he said sure enough, you're pregnant. I told him about the abdominal pain and he said he was going to order an ultrasound stat just to be sure it wasn't an ectopic. My husband and I were leaving in 2 days going out of state for 2 weeks for the holidays, so the dr didn't want to send me down the road with an ectopic pregnancy. Went to the hospital and after a few suspenseful minutes, the tech told me she was going to go check something and she'd be back. Came back about 10 minutes later and gave me news I had feared - ectopic pregnancy, right side, rupturing. I was immediately taken to the emergency room and was prepped for surgery. 20 minutes later I was in the OR. I had my right tube removed as it was demolished, and I had 400cc of blood removed from my abdomen. Another day and I could've bled out. After the surgery I started having some heart problems so they kept me and ran some tests - ct scan, X-ray, blood tests. All came back ok. Heart straightened itself out and I was discharged the next day. The surgery was on a Wednesday, we left Friday for my parent's house which was an 8 hour drive. I needed a distraction given I just had a miscarriage and emergency surgery. Got to my parent's house and was recovering well. We had a good time with both families and headed back home January 6. A few days later I really felt like crap. Couldn't keep anything down and was so tired it was ridiculous. I was fearing I was still bleeding internally so the dr had me come in for a post op checkup. I told her what was going on and she said they would run some blood tests to check everything. Results the next day - my hcg levels which should've been at 0 by that point were at 22,000. Needless to say everyone was baffled. There obviously wasn't any sex happening since that surgery so what gives? Dr scheduled an ultrasound for the next morning. I didn't sleep. Went in the next morning scared out of my mind. It could be anything - tumor, cancer, they didn't get all the tissue, etc. The tech got started and that's when I saw it, a tiny little pulsing on the screen. A heartbeat. She said "no wonder you feel like crap, you're pregnant!" I broke down in tears saying there was no way. Absolutely no way. She went and got my dr. They explained to me superfetation. Getting pregnant while pregnant. 1 in 60,000 chance. All attention turned to the little heartbeat and all of the stuff I had done that may have affected it. Surgery, narcotics afterwards, ct scan, much that shouldn't have been done. Dr said we would just go with it and treat it like any other pregnancy. So I did. However, I had extreme hyperemesis gravidarum the entire pregnancy. Took zofran every morning just so I could keep simple foods down. Developed costochrondritis. But I didn't get any stretch marks! 
I was induced on August 29 as my dr was concerned the baby would get too big. I was due September 1. She came in to check me before starting pitocin and I was only dilated 1 cm with a very unripe cervix. Started pitocin at 9:30. Shortly after she checked me, I was sitting in bed and I felt like I was uncontrollably peeing myself. Called the nurse back in and she said yep, your water just broke! Definitely having a baby now. Went all day without much progress, despite upping the pitocin. Checked at 6 pm and was only at 3 cm and she hadn't really dropped at all. The contractions were unbearable so I caved for the epidural. They upped pitocin again and had me use the peanut ball. Checked again at 8 pm, still at 3 cm, they started threatening with a c section. Checked again at 9 pm and was at 5 cm! Yay progress! They maxed out the pitocin and gave me 1 more hour before a c section would be necessary. Checked at 10 pm and I was at 8 cm! By 11:30 I was fully dilated, and started pushing. Pushed for a little over an hour and then she arrived. Adriana Faith was born at 12:36 am, 7 lbs 3 ozs and 21.5 inches long. Pure perfection despite everything she had been through. The cord was wrapped around her neck and she had meconium in her mouth and nose but all of that was quickly taken care of. 
I will always wonder about the little one I lost. They would've been 3 weeks apart in age. They estimated the age of the other fetus to be 6 weeks. Adriana was the younger of the two. We are beyond thankful she is here and healthy. So remember, never think "it won't happen to me" because crazy things happen every day! And miracles - miracles happen every day. My little girl is living proof! 
EDIT: I've had a few questions that I thought I'd clear up. How is this possible? God. That's really all I got. The big man himself. Were they twins? Technically no. The first fetus was around 6 weeks of age but got stuck in my right tube. Adriana was 3 weeks younger and came from the left ovary and made it to the uterus. So therefore, I was 3 weeks pregnant with Adri when I had the surgery to remove the damaged right tube. But no one knew it. She was still way too small to be picked up on ultrasound. I didn't know I was pregnant with her until the second week of January, 4 weeks after my surgery.  If they both would have made it, Adri would've been born 3 weeks premature because labor would've been dependent on the older baby. How rare is this? I've been told there have been 10 documented cases of both babies being viable and making it to delivery. Hope this clears up some confusion :)