Meet Miss Madeline, 6#11oz 21.25" long

At 38 weeks on the dot I went in for an induction due to the onset of hypertension and damage to my placenta after a fall at 30 weeks. After 12 hrs of Cervidil my water broke at 5am and we were in our way. Didn't feel any pain until 4 hours into active labor, and have never been so happy I chose an epidural because 4 hours after that may little girl arrived into this world fast and furious. Neither of us were fans of Pitocin, made me ill and her d-cel (heart deceleration), so after an hour of that labor was allowed to progress naturally. My doctor was amazing and arrived 5 minutes after they paged him that I was in transitional labor, and 25 minutes later I met my daughter. Everyone on the staff was great and now I know I would do this again in a heartbeat.