First time taking clomid and pregnant with.... please tell me your outcome and leave a comment! Thank you ladies!!!!

Hey ladies!!!! So a lil background, I have a five year old beautiful daughter and last December me an hubby got pregnant after trying an good while. We ended up having a miscarriage at 14 weeks due to chiroamnionitis in March. Since then body has been more off then before an irregular periods are now super irregular. Went to doc got a ultrasound and have a ton of cysts around both ovaries. Combine that with irregular periods, irratability and spotting in beteen an Doc announced I have PCOS. He started me on provera last wednesday. I am now 53 days and still no period. He said when it starts he wants me to come in for bloodwork the 3rd and 21st day for bloodwork. Then start me on clomid next cycle. Im soooo excited. Have any of yall had this happen? What mg did u get pregnant on an one, two or more babies?

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