Officially three days late🙄tomorrow shld b my last day

Haven't posted in a while because I needed a break, so last cycle I said fuck it with tracking and opk testing 
I know I ov the 21st day of my cycle and the month before it was a late surge on day 23 
Anyway I just had sex as per glow but didn't hit everyday I did have it day before ov date as per glow(which matches Wat I know about day 21) so now I'm 3 days late period was to start Monday . Had cramps on Sunday so I just knew it was coming . Well nothing at all is going on in my panties lol
Can't say what I'm feeling because I'm aware each pregnancy is different . 
We're trying for #3 and my very LAST praying it's another girl lol
But this evening I have my gyn sono appt ( checking for cyst) and tomorrow my treatment (cervix matters) 
I'm not testing at all if I make it to Monday and no AF then I already know I'm Preggo 🙄 
Will keep u ladies posted on end result !!!
Moral is try not to over think the process because when you do then things are just crazy lol
Good luck