Pregnancy Signs Or what?

So ive been trying for a year now; since ive been off depo povera last year on october. Last month of september i thought i was finally pregnant because i was 11 days late of AF. but sadly i wasnt. But this month it was different. 12 days before AF due; i had bleeding but it was soo small and i only saw it when i wiped; then it was gone when i got home on the same night! it was really weird because i never experienced it before, then on the first day late of AF. Ive been feeling sleepy all a sudden, i would even go sleep early then normal, and ill go to sleep every afternun, or i would even go back to sleep even though i just woke up, i even had tickling breast and some days it would feel kinda heavy. i also had cramping and felt so bloated on some days of AF late. and my breast would tingle a little but i could still get over the day with it. on the 10th i felt extra hungry! my appetite would be so high! i would just keep eating and eating that night! then on the 11th i had Milky Chalky discharge on my underwear for the first time i ever had that. and also on the 11th i kept urinating more than usual even though i didnt drink much water. and lastnight my right leg was aching for some reason, ive been relaxing on this day havent been doing much so i was surprised why? because i havent been walking or anything! and also my lower back had abit of pain and my partner was telling me i looked exhausted! even though i didnt do much.