husbands penis desensitized

Been TTC for over a year and no luck. My husband has desensitized his penis and therefore can't get off inside me. Anyone else deal with this? I feel like I am alone in this struggle. I feel like it's causing us not to get pregnant. The positive side is he can last forever. But TTC he gets me off, then he basically masterbates dry then right before ejaculation I "get on." So sperm is getting inside me but I am in top, dry by then and the emotional abuse of knowing you aren't able to pleasure your husband is terrible. He says he has never been able to get off inside since a teenager. He liked to masturbate like all men do and he always did it dry. His doctor told him that it is common and he has damaged the nerves on the outside of his penis. He quit masturbating completely to try and help "sensitize" it again and it has helped but not fixed. ☹️️