Measuring small


I was measuring small the past three visits so they ordered an ultrasound to get her weight! Here she is looking so adorable! She weighs 4pounds and 10 ounces. They're saying she is in the 3rd percentile when she should be in the 50th, so now I have to have non stress tests twice a week and ultrasound once a week to measure fluid. They say by 37 weeks (October 21st) if she's still "too small" they will start to plan to induce me because it could be an issue with my placenta, therefore they wouldn't want her to stay in the womb over 40 weeks since placentas get brittle and weak over time... I bought some protein shakes to maybe hello bulk her up. 37-40 weeks is considered good time to have a baby since their organs and lungs are fully developed by then so I'm not too worried, but I don't understand why she would be too small. I eat well, exercise, I do not smoke, I take my vitamins every single day... So who knows. But I'm praying she gets up to where she needs to be!

Mommy and daddy love you Madison!