Keeping hope

I am currently 6w3d pregnant. I have been having blood drawn weekly. My hcg level was 1270 and a week later 8340. Fantastic news as it seemed I then was scheduled for an ultrasound yesterday. I thought this was very early and they were able to see a gestational sac but no fetal pole yet, the ultrasound tech said it's really soon and in a couple of weeks they would more likely see baby. I then came home to receive a call from my drs nurse telling me how sorry she was and that they are referring me onto the dr that does the d&c. I am completely at a loss and have so many questions. It seems way too soon to make that decision. I have scheduled an appointment at another hospital with a new dr. I have no signs at all that I am miscarrying. Has anyone experienced this?! I am praying that it was just too early and that my sweet baby is hanging on because I'm not giving up!