friends or more?

Hello all,
I really like this boy. To me, he's absolutely perfect and I would do anything to spend time with him. We have been talking (online) for several months and I never really realized that I had feelings for him until last weekend, when I went to his house, he asked me to come over and cuddle, we did exactly that along with a few other things and it was absolutely amazing. To me, it's understandable that we don't talk at school because we have two completely different friend groups and no classes together but, for some reason, I want more. After being at his house he made me promise not to tell anyone about what we did/were doing which confuses me because why wouldn't he have some pride in getting his dick sucked, especially since he's a high school boy. I guess what I'm saying is, why would he make me promise not to tell anyone and what can I do to make a relationship out of it?