Depression and anxiety issues

I have severe depression, severe anxiety, and social anxiety. I'm on medication, but it's not working (been on it for a month, increasing tomorrow.) I'm also going to therapy twice a week and have been to a physiatric hospital for 6 days. Nothing helped me. Nothing at all. It's interfering with my schoolwork, it's interfering with my social life, it's interfering with everything. I can't focus for longer than 20 minutes and no one believes me, after I'm off task I can't get myself focused again. I simply cannot focus. I'm too anxious to ask for help, I don't turn in my assignments because I'm too anxious and I don't have the motivation to do them, and it's just a mess. Nothing is helping me. I don't know what to do. I've tried to just make myself do things, but I just can't. Everyone thinks I'm just lazy and using my mental illnesses as an excuse. I'm not, I would never do something like that. It's completely destroying my life. I also don't have many friends because I'm too afraid to talk to anyone. I'm known as the quiet one. I'm kinda lost here. Does anyone have any advice? I'd really appreciate it, thanks.