How do you get over a guy that you have been with for 1 year and 7 months ?!! We were on and off a lot but we truly loved eachother. We had fights a lot but also many good moments. He was my Bestfriend not only my boyfriend. We did everything together , his family was my family and mine was his. We broke up because we went to a party and he got drunk and we started fighting and he broke up with me over a misunderstanding. But we haven't talked to eachother since then. (Saturday night ) because what he did that night was so messed up and hurtful I was just done with him. I haven't been single ,I don't know how to be single ? If that makes sense. Idk how to be alone. Independent. I was so depended on him to bring me happiness that when he left he took my happiness with him. I try to find small things that make me happy so I could forget him. But how do I get over him??