Beyond pissed

Okay so me and my SO are currently looking for us an apartment while TTC. So of course this takes saving a lot of money especially since gas has gone up and you need a way to and from work everyday. We have talked and decided to save every Penny for the baby's needs and a place to live. WELL he had a brand new working phone and goes out and buys a brand new iPhone JUST LAST WEEK. Well today he bought an iPhone 6 just because "it was on sale"! He's also talking about going and getting a tattoo sleeve which will be a couple hundred!  On top he's always buying for other people and giving his mom money! He does not know how to save money AT ALL which is why we struggle so much . Sometimes I wonder what I need to do. I love him and want to be with him but he can not get it together or get his priorities straight! Super long story short, Does anyone else agree he needs to grow up or  I being too harsh? 

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