Rant/Vent Session

Marlisa • I'm 31 years old & married. My husband and I had one miscarriage in 2008 and then had our daughter June 2009 and our son October 2016.
Feeling depressed after today's dr appointment. I'm 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a baby boy. My feet have been pretty swollen these past 2 weeks, to the point where I can only wear one pair of flip flops that were big on me before I was pregnant. I've been doing any and every thing to reduce the swelling (elevating feet every chance I get, drinking lots of water, avoiding too much salt, wrapping feet in cabbage leafs, essential oils, epsom salt soaks, and just got compression socks). My blood pressure has been fine and no problems with protein in my urine, so I'm not worried about preeclampsia even though that was an issue my last pregnancy. I'm already self conscious about my weight. Before finding out I was pregnant I lost 23 pounds. I've gained that all back plus 6 pounds. I felt I was doing good with my weight gain up until the last month or two and feel like it's just piling on. I gained 9 pounds just these last 2 weeks. I was just so upset today with hearing about the weight gain and how my dr says I need to put my feet up more when I've been doing everything I can about the swelling. I feel bad for my husband who has been doing everything lately, I feel like I'm not doing my part for our family. I know it'll be over soon, I have a c-section scheduled for 11/7/16. Just feeling defeated at the moment and needed to vent.