help please

I need you guys opinion. I was  with my now ex boyfriend for 3years (we just broke up 3days ago) and yes we have a child together who is 5months old . But anyways we've been really falling out for numerous things . I recently found out on my own he has another baby he lied about , who he snuck off with one day and took pics with I don't trust him . The other day we had a really bad falling out and I told him how his priories are messed up cause he rather put other things in front of our child's comfort so he got upset and called me a bad mom , saying I am dumb , I can't keep a job and I'm broke . Idk bout anyone else but that really bothers me cause I feel if u love someone it shouldn't matter what they have , why are u throwing up certain situations like that in my face . So I sent him a text that night saying I don't want to be with him then the next day it got worst we went at it pretty bad , and I found out he actually seen the baby at the girls mom house . I haven't talked to him about it since and I don't think I was wrong from a woman's point of view what would u have done & Handel it?