Cripple Couple

Mikayla • 16, in a relationship with the loml
So my boyfriend and I both broke our feet. no joke. he broke his foot playing football at the homecoming game and i broke mine cheering 3 days later. We normally go out twice a week and usually make time for sex while we're out. But I ended up needing surgery and havent been able to go to school or go out much without being in pain. We're both bottled up and agitated because i cant be jostled around due to the metal pin holding my bone in place that is currently sticking out of my foot and I know this situation isnt putting strain on our relationship but we both enjoy going out and spending the intimate time together and we havent had much of it. he comes over and cuddles with me and naps with me but I miss our alone time. I just wanted to rant. :(