my birthday

It's my birthday today and my boyfriend knew, but he didn't even say anything about it. We are having a hard time in our relationship, but for him to do that really blew it. I asked him if he could spare us some time today and he said he doesn't have time when he didn't have to do anything. He even raised his voice at me and told me to make dinner. Then out of nowhere he ask me what I want to eat and when I told him he should know he says I don't pay attention so I wouldn't even remember anything about you. And then he was like I don't get why girls like you can't just say it you aren't even all that. And then I gave in and told him and he said sorry no money eat what you got. Mind me tell you he doesn't know how to cook at all, if I don't cook there isn't anything to eat. I'm so upset he didn't even say happy birthday, or even make any plans. Even a card would've been nice. And a few hours ago he goes next door and has drinks with the neighbors for a few hours talking about nonsense and their sex life to where everyone could hear. We just moved in and don't even know them, they are probably in their late 30s early 40s as well when we are only in our early 20s. I texted him saying there's only an hour left before my birthday ends could he at least spend time with me and he didn't reply. He comes back so drunk I told him to lay with me so we could cuddle and he laid down for a little bit and was like do you still need me? Like really? I asked him if he had anything to say and he said no nothing important, but for his birthday if I don't celebrate it he would've went off and not talk to me for days. I spent so much on his birthday this year and this is what I get. This is the third birthday in a row I'm spending with him and he's never gotten me a gift or a card. And now this one he sees it as not important when it's just once a year. What do I do? I'm so upset.