29+5 and leaking 😳

Yesterday I started gushing out fluid out of no where !! I put on a pantylined and went to my OB who checked me out , she said the membrane was still intact and that the fluid was not amniotic fluid, and was not urine .. but could be sperm ?? I'm like huh ? How ? 🤔 I haven't had sex in about a week !! And this was clear fluid with no smell at the time . Since then I've put on three pads and soaked them all and woke up now with my panties soaked !! Even with the pad!😒 it has a smell now that I can't quite explain but it's different , there's still no color , no blood , mucus or anything associated with it . Has this happened to any of you ? And what was it for you ? 
My OB said not to be concerned , but I can't help but be since I've never experienced this with either of my pregnancies and this is my 3rd !