Ok, I've been married since May 1st, 5 months and some days, I was a virgin when I started dating my husband (3 Years ago). I never really slept in bed with him or anyone else honestly, so we got married and when he started shaking his legs in his sleep and was passed out to no waking up, it surprised me.

I believe he has restless leg, but I am not entirely sure. We've spoken about this as he or me have been sleeping on the couch and not in bed together like I want. I'm such a light sleeper that I can't stand it when he starts moving cause it bothers me and I get no sleep at all, (once I'm awake, I'm awake)

We've spoken about going to the doctor, but we want to try and use natural resources before medicine as we are TTC, and scared the medicine will interfere with fertility.

Anyone have suggestions?