conceiving after birth control

So I'm hoping I placed this post in the right area. I'm 23 and 6 months ago had our first baby. Right after having him my dr was very pushy about me getting on birth control cause I had a c section, blah blah.. and he basically scared me into taking it. I've never been a fan of birth control but I took the depo shot out of fear. I bled and spotted for 5 months straight, although the shot only lasts 3 months supposedly. My son is 6 months now and we wanna start trying again. I felt like I had went back to normal cause I stopped bleeding and had a regular period but instead of having a period 22 days later I got it early, like 12 days early. My question is when will I be back to normal?! Should I be worried. I feel like my body is slowly getting that crap out of my system but how long does it take? I'm scared I ruined my chances of ever conceiving again. I've heard so much bad about that shot. Help! Someone ease my mind please