shocked to say the least

So today I went for s check up as I thought I was having a flare up of herpesvirus as I had it last year really bad.. so I went to the docs and she asked all the usual questions and said are you or could you be pregnant and I say maybe as we are actively trying and have had 2 mc this year already.. so anyway she did the swaps needed and asked for a wee sample to check for Uti and with this she did a hpt anyway just to rule pregnancy out, nownwe all know that docs and hosp hpt are ultra sensitive but she came back and said your pregnant!! 😱.. I was shocked to say the least and also very unsure about it as been stubs twice in a year.. and also I am having a little flare up and have been given tablets but really don't want to take them until I really need to.. I would only be bout 41/2 weeks and have lost previous at 7 so I'm in the mind sight where I want to wait.. also going on holiday 24tg oct for a glorious week in the sun and I'll tell you I need it lol... anyway here's some pics to show you.. 
Top one I took when I got home from the hosp
This is the one from the hosp 
What you all think xx