Overdue, grumpy, exhausted and emotional.

demi • Expecting our first precious miracle baby after the Mr. beat testicular cancer, an orchiectomy & chemotherapy 😍👶🏼
Hi girlies, I need a good ol' fashioned vent sesh. Bear with me. I am 40+3 and just had my second membrane sweep performed 24 hours ago. Nothing. Zip, nada, zilch has happened. I am so exhausted, and my pregnancy is completely uncomplicated- I can't imagine how those of you with issues in pregnancy must be feeling, because I am miserable. I have been experiencing prodromal labor for about three weeks now. Every night, contractions come on strong (NOT Braxton-Hicks, these are the real deal, take-your-breath-away baddies). They begin to become closer and closer together and follow a pattern, lasting oftentimes up to 90+ seconds. And then , like clockwork, around midnight when I can't keep my eyes open to time another single one, they dissipate into nothing and I wake up, still pregnant. It's making me so emotional, I hate everyone but my SO, and just want to sit in my rocker and crochet all day, feeling sorry for myself. I have tried everything; he's not coming on his own accord, I just know it. Does anybody else feel THIS at the end of their ropes? I can't be the only one throwing myself a pity-party, right?!