My 9 year old wants a change look she want the Lob.

My daughter who is has been wanting to get a hair cut she wants the Lob the hairsalon that I went this lady wanted the Lob hair cut it looks like the regular bob haircut and I have no clue how to explain to them in english or spanish. Anywho my 9 year is changing so much her attitude is like a 12 or 13 year old .. yesterday Ive cried so much and even today cant believe she trying to find own self and her being herself by wanted her new look and attitude towards me.. yesterday I went to school to drop off her glasses and she hi mommy thank you and she scatter off no kiss or I love you .. i was heading for the hospital for my post op after getting my gallbladder removal I just cried the whole way there.. well anyway just wanted to share if anyone gone through what im going through any advice ..please no judging.