Positive thoughts please!

CS • First time mommy of the most amazing little girl💖
My husband landed an awesome job right at the same time we found out we were pregnant. It's an entry level position, so money is still tight, but there's a lot of opportunity for advancement so it was a huge relief when he was offered the position. 
At my 35 week appointment last week, I found out that our baby is breech and a c section will most likely be our best option. I called my husband at work to tell him, and it really stressed him out, as we've been hoping to avoid a c section. He's been distracted and anxious ever since. Today, I have my 36 week appointment. If baby hasn't turned, we'll be opting out of an external version and scheduling a c section for 3 weeks from now. My husband was going to try to leave work a little early to go with me to my appointment, but he just called and apparently sometime in the last week he accidentally dented his work truck without realizing it. His supervisor and boss are both pissed because they think he is lying about not knowing what happened, when in reality he was distracted by his baby related stress. He doesn't have a history of being written up for anything, so that's a plus, but tomorrow is his evaluation to end his 6 month probation period. The poor man is terrified that he's going to lose his job, or at the least end up staying on probation and losing the raise he would have gotten. Yes, he definitely should have been more careful despite the circumstances, but it's still a crappy situation. Please keep your fingers crossed for me to have good news at our 36 week appointment, and for my husband to get through this work dilemma!