WIC Vent

Lady T
Went to WIC yesterday and the lady ticked me off a Lil I think she can tell because she changed her whole demeanor afterwards. She takes my weight and says u have gained a lil over what u are supposed to gain since u became pregnant and gies on to tell me how to eat portions I said that's strange I haven t gained any more weight since I last seen my Dr and she told me everything was good keep eating like I'm eating and walking because I actually went backwards and lost some weight between 2 of my appointments and this is not my first rodeo lady this is my 5th baby 7th pregnancy I believe I know how to eat and carry myself and if I put on a few extra pounds I will just have to work a Lil harder when he gets here to get it off by my birthday . I hate for someone to tell u u are over weight during pregnancy wth u expect I'm fucking carrying another human being and everyone is different some may gain and some may not but don't compare me to the little 90 lb 20 year old that u just sat down with.