Sick of ladies advising that it's common for babies to move less..

I've noticed many posts with mamas worried because their babies are moving less and then someone advising that this is normal because "baby is running out of room". This is NOT TRUE. yes baby has less room so the movements will feel different. There's not going to be prominent kicks but baby is still moving -mostly rolling around and what not but there will still be something. I'm around 38 weeks, consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead-bigger baby and I feel her move almost ALL the time. She's developed a pattern now and sleeps more in the night but if I sit still I can almost always  feel something right away. PLEASE LADIES if you're worried about your babies movements try having something cold and sugary and laying down, if you don't feel movements please go to the doctor! You don't want something to happen because you took incorrect advise from this app!!!!