I hit my 7 week pregnancy Today!

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So I wanna know if a few of these symptoms, that I'm that I'm feeling are normal?? & before anything let me tell you that week 5& 6 I hardly craved anything the thought of food at times made me wanna gag. I even threw up a few times after eating. BUT THIS MORNING!

I woke up craving taco bell, so I ate that around 10am then around 4pm I craved

Chick-fil-A and I ate that. Well after eating I felt extremely tired. Is that normal?? (Or is it just me.) I did nap for an hour. Also, I've noticed my breast are HEAVYYYY! They haven't grown they're just sore and heavy. Is that normal too?? Also, today I did have a small headache throughout my day. Is that normal?