How to ask him to be more affectionate?


Story time.

So, boy and II are in an LDR across five-ish states. We're doing alright, but II have a problem.

He doesn't try.

Even before ii left, he didn't put too much effort into the relationship.

Which is frustrating, because being the overly affectionate little pterodactyl II am, II was/am constantly giving him love letters and love tokens. II put my all into making the other person know they're loved. Mainly through letters, though. Letters in general are a central theme in my life. They're incredibly important to me, and they symbolize pure love and attention.

So, imagine my chagrin when he spends his free time gaming, with his friends, or watching YouTube.

II know this seems wrong and overly-needy, but... II'm really not. He has his own life, and II've always been cool with that. But ii just feel so unappreciated. II'm sending him an envelope of letters every week. Decorated envelope and all. And... it just doesn't seem like he can be bothered to write me a single one.

II need advice. How do ii bring this up and try to resolve it? Am ii being dumb? Please help.