sadly I'm that mom

Jennifer • Mommy of 2 beautiful girls💜💜
I swore up and down that I would never co sleep with my baby cause I didn't want to fight to get her to sleep in her own bed later on. Soon as I had my baby girl I couldn't let her go, so many scary thoughts went through my mind of nurses mixing her up with a different baby, or someone taking her the list goes on. First night I barely slept woke to every sound and checked on her in her little bed they put her in. Second night, my husband and I were both exhausted and he fell asleep with her on his chest,so I took her from him and next thing I know I'm waking up with her still sleeping on my own chest and I was well rested for the first time in three days(2days of labor). I swore I wouldn't do it again do to being scared of rolling on her or something, but I did do it again due to breastfeeding and it was easier to just lay her next to me so not to wake her. Honestly I know the dangers but I feel so much better knowing if she crys I can hear her before she gets to worked up or if she wakes up she just plays with my face till I wake up to play with her or just being able to feel her and know that she is safe and close to me. I am a first time mom and I love co sleeping and my husband when he's home loves it too so he can cuddle the both of us. When the fight to get her to sleep in her own bed comes we will figure it out but for now this is how things work for us and everyone is happy!! So to all the other co sleeping mommys out there your not alone, do what works best for you and your little one that will help ease your anxiety and stress!