My rape... My baby...

In 2014 I was raped. And that rape led to a pregnancy... I was scared I didn't know what to do. I was married, I already had a toddler. It happened when my husband and I were separated for a week, while I was staying with my mother. After it happened I went home I wanted to feel Safe with my husband and son. A few weeks went by and I found out I was pregnant. I knew it was from my rape. I didn't want this pregnancy.... I couldn't have his baby... But I prayed and prayed it was my husbands. Months went by.. I had the baby... I couldn't look at him... But my husband handed me that little baby and I fell in love... I love him so much.. And my husband knew it wasn't his baby, but I didn't have the heart to tell him what had happened while we were separated.. Its almost 2yrs later and I just keep letting my husband think I cheated on him. I know it would hurt him to know the truth, all the times he has accused me and the mean things he had said to me. My baby is almost 2 now. And I love him so much, I don't see what happened when I look at him. I just see so much love... He is the most sweetest and loving little boy. And I know my husband doubt's me but he loves that baby so much. Ever since I first held him all the bad thoughts I had about him were gone, all the hate had vanished and was replaced with so much unconditional love.

I was raped and it led to a pregnancy. I made a choice to have him, to keep him. And it was the best decision I had ever made... Out of that terrible event, led to a beautiful miracle..

this was my untold story.