just need to vent ๐Ÿ˜”

A little back story... i got pregnant, totally unplanned, my parents had never met him and we weren't even really together. My parents are very catholic so premarital sex was a big no no. They were obviously disappointed and upset. They've been pushing for me to give the baby away and even given me ultimatums like "you can move back in if you get the dad out of the picture"... basically asking me to chose between my family, my baby, and my baby's father. 3 things that are very important to me. Mind you I am 23, I had a stable job with benefits, and I live alone. ย I've been financially responsible for myself since I was 16. Yet somehow, I'm so unfit to be a mother? My dad actually said I was would less of a mother for utilizing daycare because I will still need to work full time. Anyways! I texted my mom about my shower a few days ago. My friends are throwing it because my mom said she doesn't agree with my decisions and won't throw one for me. She didn't reply to my text so I called her today because it's next weekend. I asked if it would be ok if I invited two of her friends because her friends have been asking me if I need anything and offering their help. I was trying to be considerate of her feelings. So, she basically went on her rant again about how she doesn't support my decisions so I've put her in an awkward place by asking her to be there. She said now she has to look like she supports me because of who will be there. She literally said "this is why I told you to just invite your friends." Like you didn't want to be a part of planning so I will invite who I please! I just said if it's gonna be that hard for you to be there for me for 2 hours just don't even come. And then she ย throws it back at me how I'm not considering her feelings and I'm out of line because all she's done is be there for me. Like excuse me? Making me feel like I'm a terrible person for wanting to keep my baby and then when I ASK you if it's okay if I invite your friends I'm not being considerate? I'm so annoyed. Like I know I shouldn't expect anything else from her, but it just sucks that my MOM of all people can't put her pride aside for a couple of hours to support me.ย