My kink 🙈

Okay so I have this kink and it's still quite taboo in the world of kinks. Only one person knows about it, which is my ex (and baby daddy). I'm sharing with you all because I want to know if anyone else on here has the same fetish because it does kind of make me feel weird and alone. It's kind of embarrassing but here it goes....I LOVE to breastfeed my ex. It all started when I began breastfeeding our child. Of course when it was with my baby it was NOTHING remotely sexual. Nothing more than feeding my baby and bonding with him. But when his dad started nursing too, boy was it different. I love just sitting on the couch watching tv or scrolling through Facebook while he nurses. It gets us both so hot and bothered we end up having AMAZING sex afterwards. Our baby is 18 months old and I haven't breastfed him in roughly 8 months but I'm still lactating because of his dad. But now that we are no longer on good terms we aren't sleeping together. I was so comfortable with him, sexually, that im I'm worried no one else will be as accepting of my fetish. I would LOVE to be in an ABR/ANR (adult breastfeeding relationship/adult nursing relationship). Even when I masturbate I watch adult nursing videos. Idk what it is about it but it always gets me going. I don't even know how to bring it up with future sexual partners. So....anyone else on here share this kink with me? Or even know of someone who has the same? Thoughts? Is it weird? Please be nice 🙈

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