William Skeeter Connor Husband 💙

Jessa<3 • Happily married to the love of my life. <3 Mommy to a handsome little boy, William Skeeter Connor, with our second little boy due on March 12, via c-section 💙💙
I was due on September 23, but he decided he didn't want to come. So my doctor and I decided to induce me. Originally I was to be induced on the 27, but due to issues with my insurance company, it was pushed back to October 1. They told me start calling for a bed at 5am. When 5am came around we called and were told no beds were available. Come around 3pm there was still no bed, but I started bleeding, so we went to the er, and was checked at only 1.5cm, so they had me walk around for an hour. They rechecked and I was at 2cm. They decided to keep where I was to be induced anyways. Finally after an hour, they had a bed ready for me, but before they could roll me to the room, another woman came in and was further along than I, so we had to continue to wait. About an hour later, a bed was ready, but yet again an emergency came where another had to have the room. The nurse then tells us go eat and come back at 8pm. Finally at 8:15pm I got a room, and was started in fluids, and at 9pm pitocin was started! Contractions started coming fast. At 11pm I got my epidural, which was the best decision in my life. And at 12am the doctor came in and broke my water! They told me to nap, so I did, until 4am. I woke up to a huge amount of pressure, so the nurse came in and I was 4.5cm. So still had to wait. At about 6, my nurse and doctor came in and told me that the baby was holding his breath with every contraction, and his heart rate was staying above 200bpm. They told me I had started running a fever and an infection was starting to form around the baby. I was given two options, to wait it out, or have an emergency c-section. Doing what was best for my son, we went with a c-section. So they prepped me and at 7:43am our little angel was born weighing 9lbs 13oz and was 22.5in long.