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I had previously made a post about this on facebook a couple of years ago & I had a troll comment "Don't judge"  now let me begin by saying that something told me that this person didn't really have an issue with what I was saying, but had an issue that it was coming from me. 

That's a whole other story, but let's talk about the issue at hand. 

It was then I started to realize that when I asked someone 

How's the baby? 

And their response would be something like 

"He bad"


"A terror" 

It was never really anything positive like

"He's good, learning how to count to 10"

Or just a simple 

"He/she's  good... healthy... growing wonderfully" 

Your child would eventually start to understand the way you're referring to him or her, whether it is good or bad. You have to remember how vulnerable and sensitive a child's mind is, so when you're talking about him/her and think they're not listening, you'd be surprised to see that their behavior would start to reflect your verbal image of them & begin to change whether it's positively or negatively.

What I'm trying to say is, if a child is constantly hearing their mother or father refer to them as bad or a terror, they would really start to believe that they're bad or really a terror. 

You're basically bragging about your child being bad and kind of making it seem as if you're okay with it. 

Okay lets make something clear though, if your child has hit the terrible 2's or not even the terrible 2's but just seems to be acting like a real butt LOL and you don't know why and you just can't seem to get a grip of yourself or why you're child is acting the way they are.. of course your going to call your friend or express to someone that they are driving you nuts! 

But that's not what I mean here, I feel like sometimes parents feel like people don't want to hear that their child is an angel, so they try to spice up the conversation by calling their child a monster. 

Yes girl he bad, he took his pamper off and peed all over my floor 

🙄 because your son had a notorious plan to ruin your floor right? 


She bad, I told her give me the bottle she said no and threw it on the floor 

One thing I absolutely disagree with is when a parent fails to correct their child when they have done or said something wrong & they are old enough to know right from wrong, I'm talking about in the wee ages when they are able to be taught right from wrong and can understand the difference. If your child is cussing (something they picked up from either you or someone else) and you're laughing and telling Stacy, David and Conner how much of a bad ass your kid is because he said FUCK  and he's sitting right there thinking it's funny and acceptable, your giving your child a pass to embarrass you out in public. 

Don't wait until it's not funny to you anymore or he has used it on you to try and beat his ass, you will be on your child's shit list, he would be so confused as to why last week you were laughing & now this week you're angry about it.

Now if your child hears you bragging about how much of a great helper they are or how amazing they are, they would start to believe that's what they are. You're teaching your child from young on how to be confident and it's up to you to make the decision on what it is you want to instill in your children, whether you want them to be confident about being a pain in the ass or confident about being a well behaved little boy or girl.

Yeah you're child might say or do the darnest things and you will get a kick out of it, but I feel as long as you make sure that that they know not to say or do it again with reasoning, everything will be A-OKAY! 

so parents, save yourself and this world from raising an asshole (LMAO) and don't brag about your child being bad. 

Sincerely ,