I might be having contractions?! FTM!

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I am so confused! I had my cervix exam this morning at 8:45am and ever since my doctor checked me and said I was still closed I have been experiencing what seems like contractions at first I thought they were just cramps but they weren't in the normal area menstrual cramps usually happen. I was experiencing them every 20 minutes where I have to stop what I'm doing and practice the breathing techniques to get through them and now it's 12:38am and I am having them every 10-15 minutes apart (average) my husband thinks I'm going into labor and I am in the early stage. Because they last about a minute or 40 seconds each and feel pain in the pelvis area as well as my back and sides. I also haven't really dropped and never noticed my mucus plug come out and my water hasn't broken-I don't think!Β I'm due October 25th.
What do you ladies think?Β