Unexpected birth story

Jacqueline • Had 2mc's and 2 mmc's, finally had our rainbow baby 14 September 2016

Finally getting round to my birth story, and I would like to share some advice which I wish I knew. Sorry this is gonna be long

So on 14/09/2016 at 4 in the morning I started getting pains but it wasn't timeable yet so I just bounced on my birthing ball to help relieve the pain. By 8 that morning I started getting the timeable contractions and my friend timed them while I took a bath and got ready and bounced on my ball, so my contractions started getting weird, 7-8 min and then 2-3 min apart so I called my midwife to go get it checked out, on the way to her house (was planning a natural home birth)  my mom's car broke down so we called my husband to come fetch us, and by the time he got to us he's brakes were wearing thin lol. Everyone was stressing except me. All I remember through all of this is my need to pee every 3 min, so when we got there the pain got really bad, and she told me I'm only 2cm dilated, and I remember telling my husband that if this is the pain for only being 2cm I don't think I can do this. So midwife broke my water and it was green! I freaked out, went to hospital and they hooked me up on the monitor to check my contractions and baby's heart beat at about 3, then at 4:30 he told me baby pooped in her water and the meconium is extremely dangerous to her, that if she ingested it that her lungs would collapse, and I'm only 2cm dilated with 8cm contractions which is distressing the baby so I needed emergency c section, I was freaking out. My husband wasn't allowed to be with me as it was emergency so I was alone and scared. I greeted him and my mom before going in for the c section and after that I was crying, the nurses were very sweet and made me feel so calm, they talked to me and kept me updated on what was going on. So they put the catheter in and then I was still fighting contractions, I didn't even feel the needle going in my back. As soon as I couldn't move my toes sh*t got real! I didn't feel any pain but I felt them cutting me open, spreading that apart, pushing down under my ribs to get baby out and then I felt them take baby out! Awful, then baby didn't really cry much but was okay, then they showed her to me and oh my gosh she was more beautiful then I could've ever imagined she'd be! I remember saying hi my beautiful and she opened her eyes with this sad lip and I just cried. Then they took her away and they washed my insides clean and I felt them stitching me up. I told the nurse to look at me moving my toes and they said it's not supposed to wear off that easily so they injected me in the shoulder with something and oh my gosh that stuff worked! I was out of it, I only remember them pushing me into recovery room and put this pipe thing under the covers that blew hot air out, then I remember waking up to my husband, mom, sister and aunt and cousin telling me how beautiful she was. After they left I slept a little bit and at 3 when I was allowed to move I wanted to see my baby! This part sucked because it was a government hospital so there was only visiting hours to go see her, no more pain meds, and no help at all getting up. So they said I needed to get up and walk, and lose the catheter and drip before I can see her. Wow, let me just say, getting up from that bed was so so hard, they don't help you at all. Took me 3 hours to just sit up in bed, and when I finally got up the catheter went flying out, so I told them to take out my drip and I tried to go to my daughter, hardest walk ever, I almost passed out 3 times, and couldn't find the ward, went back to my ward and cried, and then one of the other moms helped me into bed and said she'd take me next visiting hour. Wow guys, when I got there and saw my baby girl I was just so amazed, looked at her, counted her fingers and toes. Lol then came the feeding part, what a weird but wonderful thing. So after 2 days of excruciating pain, I got discharged but she had to stay to get antibiotics. My recovery was so hard and painful, my baby got out on day 5. Guys if I have any advice it's, support, pillows and to prepare yourself for anything as much as you can.

My baby was born on 14/09/2016, my mom's b-day is 16/09 and mine is 18/09 lol. And photos for cutebess