Curing Chlamydia... question... tmi.

I'm sure someone in here has been through this. A few weeks ago I started experiencing some spotting, I was in the er multiple times to make sure baby was okay. The last time I went to the er, they decided to do a vaginal culture, and called me two days later to let me know my s/o had given me chlamydia. They prescribed me a single 2 tablet dose of azythromycin, and advised me to follow up with my obgyn for a retest in a few weeks. I made sure i scheduled something with my dr two weeks from the date I took my meds as I've been known to have antibiotic resistance when on them for my chronic utis. I took my meds on Monday, the spotting continued, along with a thick heavy dischange (I'd not had this prior), for a couple of days. The spotting does seem to be getting better finally, but now I feel like I have an itch down there, and really watery discharge. Now this sounds like bv, but there is no odor, and antibiotics usually cure bv not create them. Is it possible that this is still my body clearing the infection? Is it possible that I have an atypical yeast infection from the strong dose of antibiotics? I know a yeast infection typically isn't a horrible concern, but my cervix seems to finally be getting better, and I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid after all of this or what.