So I always thought that hearing the heartbeat was over dramatized. Like you saw the baby in the ultrasound, you probably saw the heartbeat on the screen, what could be more beautiful than seeing the baby you're growing?

Well let me tell you... I saw my baby at my first ultrasound but it was too early to hear the heartbeat so we only saw it on the screen. And it was amazing, I teared up a little bit and I would have said that I was the happiest person in that moment.

Just yesterday at a checkup appointment with my midwife, she asked if I wanted to try hearing the heartbeat with a doppler, even though baby might be too small for her to pick it up. I said yes of course.

She found it for possibly 3 seconds, and it took my breath away. I couldn't believe it. I cried. I guess it's one thing to see that you have a baby, and another to actually hear them. To actually hear that heartbeat kind of hit me that this baby is really here, that he or she is alive and growing!

I had a miscarriage of twins 2 years ago before we even saw a heartbeat let alone hear them. So to me, to see my baby, and then to hear it's life thumping it's little rhythm.... I was beyond speechless. It was amazing.

Idk if other moms feel this way, or maybe if it's only because I never heard my twins, but it meant more to me than I ever could have guessed.

šŸ’• Mommy loves you little J. šŸ’—