What should I do?

so I've know my man for four years now, I'm a junior currently and he's a senior. We talked on and off freshman year and sophomore year we started dating in December. I couldn't even believe how lucky I was!! He seemed so good. Fast forward almost a year to now and with our minimal arguments and not even that many "bad" moments I've just come to the point where I'm not sure if I love him or not. I went home and cried over him many nights. He tells me he does a lot, but never acts like it. He won't hug me, kiss me right. Like he's scared to always start the kiss or gently stroke my cheek. And is it bad that he's not good looking at all, and that's not helping in loving him either? he's been coming to my tennis matches, but I've just found that I don't cheer up when I see him. Almost the exact opposite. Our families are very very close and he's known all around in the town since it's so small. If anything happened to our relationship everyone would know it. Not sure what to do. Scared to break up of it gets to that. Also, in his first girlfriend, he's not my first. and I can't say he's the best anymore. My feelings have just totally flip flopped over a year. Sorry this is so so long just thought you guys needed the whole story. what should I do?