Can I schedule an earlier C Section?

I had a really traumatic birth with my first child, was septic and unconscious when they finally took me back for my c section and they said I just barely made it before rupturing. I had to have another surgery several months after that to fix all the damage of adhesions and scar tissue glueing my intestines together and my Uterus to my incision. Absolutely terrible. But I've been good since then. My doctor and I already discussed a VBAC was out of the question because he was afraid of rupturing and said we would schedule my csection at 39 weeks cause he doesn't want me going into labor because I've had pain in my incision this whole pregnancy from the pressure. I'm 36 now and this past week I've woke up with contractions twice. The first time they lasted an hour, the second time it was about 3. Now I'm having a ton of discharge, and my urine is completely cloudy and milky. I don't see him until Thursday so hopefully I'll make it til then but I'm super nervous the next time I'm going to end up in full blown active labor which he doesn't want me in period. He doesn't want me having contractions due to my thin scar tissue aground my previous incisions. I know this baby isn't going stay in til 39 weeks, I'm praying I make it to 37, but I think I'm going to talk to him about scheduling the csection for 37 or 38 weeks. He only does scheduled c sections once a week and I don't want anyone else opening me up since he knows everything about my case and my high risk of rupture. I don't want to go into labor and have a doctor I don't know just cutting into me without knowing my history. I'm so nervous about it. I wish my body would stop trying to rush this, I want her to stay in there as long as she can, but every day my body is showing me signs that she'll be here soon. Anyone else getting an early c section? If so what are your reasons?