always hold your loved ones tighter today than you did yesterday!❤️️

Peyton • •momma x3•TEXAS• blessed soul•
Thankful for my little sisters life!! Yesterday my
little sister was in a tragic car accident.. she was the passenger riding to school with a friend, the friend was TEXTING & DRIVING and ran her stop sign, & the car was T-Boned on my sisters side.. my baby sister was hit directly. She was pinned in the car for 30 minutes, while the friend walked away without any damage what so ever, while i'm laying in the trauma unit, praying my sister makes it through. She has 5 broken rips, a fractured collar bone, fractured shoulder, fractured spine, a hematoma on her kidneys, a laceration on her spleen & internal bleeding.. all over one small text message, my
little sister is barely holding onto her life... I ask PLEASE let it wait, that message will still be there when you get to your destination. as i lay here with my little sister i pray i get to keep her.. & the lord doesn't take her away from me.