Sil over stepping boundaries.


So this will be my SO and I first baby.

My SO told his brother that we were expecting at 6 weeks. While I was having a huge problem with morning sickness I text BIL what his wife did for her morning sickness.

Well, guess who looked at his phone? SIL....

So she knows. We told her only her and her husband know. Next thing you know, all of my friends, some she has never met, all of SO friends, whom she doesn't even like, know. They showed us a group message about how she sent them "are you ready for their baby? You'll probably be ______ (godmother, godfather)" keep in ming that was sent to about 10 different people.

That's not all. So far we've kept it a secret from his parents. We plan on announcing to his side on Halloween in a couples costume, we'll be 14 almost 15 weeks. We'll be construction workers with a sign that says bump ahead.

Well guess who just bought a preggo (the spaghetti sauce) costume, a construction worker outfit, and an oven outfit?

She is not pregnant. We are.

But wait, there's more!

We figured make the best of a bad situation and gave her an ultrasound picture. Guess who she gave it to? Her mother. I've met the woman 2 times. And she litterally gave her my ultrasound picture.

That's not alllllllllllllll thoughhhhhhhh. We made an announcement video to post on Facebook, I sent it to her because she took pictures of my SO and I and asked how it turned out.

Well, I get a call from her husband at 11 pm at night asking what I did to make her cry. Come to find out she's upset that she wasn't in out announcement video. Our announcement video. As in, SO and i. No one else. No one.

I could understand her taking it this far is she wasn't able to have kids, or had miscarriages, what have you, but she has a 7 month old. She got pregnant her first try. This baby took us years and plenty of miscarriages.

Please tell me I'm not overreacting by being a little pissy????