FTM. Any ideas??

I'm 35 weeks and I'm working on my birth plan and I've gotten to the point about who I want to be in the room while I'm delivering my baby. I know my husband will be with me but I'm not 100% about my mom and my sister. I feel like I'm going to be really exposed and I'm pretty conservative, which is why I don't think I want them there but at the same time I feel like they should be a part of it because 1. I was there for my sisters births and 2. Well that's my sister and my mom. I feel like their expecting to be with me because I'm the youngest one and their extremely excited about the new addition. I know I can keep them by my head so they don't necessarily look but I'm not sold on the idea. Can anyone give me ideas of how I can still have them a part of it but I don't necessarily have to have them in the room?