nickname suggestions

Hi all! We had our baby girl Leona Renee August 12. We had the name picked out for a long time but kept it a secret. I knew I would get some negative comments from my side of the family since I chose to name our little girl after my late grandma. My husband loves the name and so does his family. I am feeling insecure about the name due to my families reaction and sometimes when people ask me her name they seem to not like it. I don't regret her name because i always thought it was special to have a family name and there really was no other name we liked. I'm just having a hard time adjusting to it and wondering if maybe a cute nickname would help. Some of the nicknames we could use are Leo, lee, leelee, ona, lona. I used to think I'd nickname her Nona and I loved it but then someone told me it means grandma 🙁 does anyone have nickname suggestions for me? Right now I mostly call her baby girl and peanut lol