I know this is childish but...

We have a family friend who is really touchy feely with my boyfriend. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and she's all over all us really 'nicey nicey' saying she's ready for a baby etc. And that we make her want one. She's been with her boyfriend 3 WEEKS. She is acting like a baby is an accessory always holding people's kids saying it suits her etc, looking at me and going 'now I'm just like you'

She always makes comments like 'Claire you're so gorgeous, I wish my boyfriend looked at me like he looks at you- I think he has a thing for you' For real?

I have been invited to a party where she will be, is it childish to act really glam and all over my OWN boyfriend and dress real nice etc to make her chill the fuck out? What can I say to her or how can I act to put her in her place a little? I'm such a shy quiet person I keep myself to myself in public but she's got such an 'in your face' personality.

She's starting to bug me with her condescending tone and inappropriate groping of my man's shoulders when I'm around. (he is insanely freaked out by this btw)