I want a baby!!!!

So I've waited a good year for my boyfriend to give me a baby, and we're so close to gettin married it's unreal. But recently his dad found out that were wantin kids and he made him promise 2 years of marriage before we had any kids!(Without talkin to me btw) I don't wanna wait that long!!!! He said we could have a baby if I accidentally get pregnant.(We don't use condoms or any birthcontrol) but he "promised" his dad so he's gonna wait. What should I do?! Should some how I do something to have a baby now or what. I'm just torn apart!!!!!! With my first husband who passed away we tried the whole time we was together and now that me and this mans together (which Has been my best friend for 10yrs) but only has been Together for almost 2. I want a child at this point I don't care how I get this baby.